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BATCH PRINT PDFs using Windows Explorer

Batch print instrux from Acrobuddies allowing you to batch print a selection of PDFs from Win Explorer to the default printer w/o a dialog box. Win98/WinNT only.
Short form:

  1. Windows Explorer, choose View, Folder Options, choose File Types tab and highlight the item associated with PDF files
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click New
  4. In the Action box type: Adobe Batch Print or whatever you'd like to call it
  5. In the Application used to perform action box, type this, substituting the full path to Reader/Acrobat/Exchange as needed
  6. /s "%1" If the path includes spaces, it may be necessary to enclose it in quotes as well.
  7. Put a checkmark next to Use DDE
  8. In the DDE Message box, type this:
  9. [FilePrintSilent("%1")]
  10. In Application, type:
  11. acroview
  12. In Topic, type:
  13. control
  14. Click OK as needed to close this and the other windows you've opened.
  15. Highlight a group of files, right click, choose Adobe Batch Print. The files print to the default Windows printer.

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