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Set the default directory for Acrobat?

To set the default directory Acrobat 3 or 4 open/save files from/to:

Create a shortcut to launch Acrobat with or locate the existing one you use already.

Right click it and choose Properties

Type the full path to the desired default folder in the "Start in" text box on the "Shortcut" tab of the Properties dialog box.

Click OK or click Apply then Close.

Make sure that there's at least one PDF file in the default folder you've specified; otherwise Acrobat will ignore your selection and revert to whatever default folder it normally uses.

It seems that you can't set the default directory for Acrobat 5. You'll have to accept that it wants to use My Documents. However, you can place shortcuts to the directories you want to use within My Documents, which will put your preferred folder(s) only one extra click away.

And on the bright side, it makes any of several preferred folders only one extra clck away.

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