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Make PDFs from PowerPoint

You can always make PDFs in the usual way, by printing to Distiller or one of the other commonly available PDF drivers/utilities as described in Make a PDF file?.

If you have Mac PowerPoint X, you can save directly to a PDF using OS X's built-in PDF facilities.

Or you can use the PDFMaker add-in that Acrobat adds to PowerPoint when you install it.

Either way, you should get good quality PDFs, but they won't have any of the interactive features you added to your original PowerPoint presentation. None of these methods support links, action buttons, sounds or movies, even though support for all these features is available in Acrobat.

Our Prep4PDF PowerPoint add-in lets you preserve most of the interactivity in your PowerPoint presentations when you convert to PDF. You can learn more at the PPTools section of our site

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