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Printer error messages when printing to Distiller printer

When printing from any app to the Acrobat Distiller printer driver, you get "unable to print" type messages, and are unable to produce PDFs.

First, ensure that you're not trying to print to a file from your application.

Next, make certain that Acrotray is running. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and check the list of running processes. Acrotray.exe should be on the list. If not, chances are that Acrobat hasn't been properly installed or that somebody has removed Acrotray.exe from the startup group so that it no longer automatically loads when the PC starts.

If "somebody" is you, put Acrotray.exe back where you found it, restart the PC and you should be able to print to Distiller.

Otherwise, try uninstalling/reinstalling Acrobat.

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