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Make the PDFMaker toolbar go away

The following code will make the Acrobat PDFMaker toolbar disappear in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or probably any other application that uses VBA and the standard Office commandbars.

You'll need to work out how to get it to run automatically at startup for your particular application. In the case of PowerPoint, that would mean adding the code to an AutoOpen() sub in an add-in. You'd also have to make sure that the code runs after the Acrobat PDFMaker addin loads, otherwise it won't work.

Sub Whack_A_Bat()

Dim oToolbar As CommandBar

For Each oToolbar In Application.CommandBars
    If InStr(UCase(oToolbar.Name), "PDF") > 0 Then
        ' For test purposes, just show the full name
        MsgBox oToolbar.Name
        ' But when you're ready to get serious, comment out the above
        ' and uncomment this:
        ' oToolbar.Visible = False
    End If
Next oToolbar

End Sub

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