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Hide the PDFMaker Toolbar

MS Word MVP Graham Mayor has this explanation

The following code will hide the PDFMaker toolbar in PowerPoint or Word and probably in other MS Office apps that support VBA.

Sub HidePDFMaker()
	Dim x as Long
	For x = 1 to Application.CommandBars.Count
		' If any of the toolbars has a name that contains "pdfmaker", no matter how capitalized ...
		If Instr(Ucase(Application.CommandBars(x).Name, "PDFMAKER") > 0 Then
			' It's the PDFMaker command bar, so hide it
			Application.CommandBars(x).Visible = False
		End If
	Next x
End Sub

One way to make it run automatically in Word is to add this to a module in your Normal.Dot file:
(Thanks to Word MVP Jonathan West for the "Aha" that made this fly)

Sub AutoExec()
	Application.OnTime when:=DateAdd("s", 1, Now()), Name:="ZapEm"
End Sub

Sub ZapEm()
	Dim x As Long
	For x = 1 To Application.CommandBars.Count
	    If InStr(UCase(Application.CommandBars(x).Name), "PDFMAKER") > 0 Then
	        Application.CommandBars(x).Visible = False
	    End If
	Next x
End Sub

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