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Message: This file may contain newer information than this viewer can support

You open a PDF in Acrobat or Reader and see a message box that looks like this:

(The title bar may say "Reader" or "Adobe Acrobat" depending on which application is trying to open the PDF)

The PDF was created by a newer version of Acrobat than you have.

What to do about it
Click OK. Chances are fairly good that the file will open and look fine in your copy of Acrobat/Reader.

To prevent the problem in the first place
If you're not the one who created the PDF, you could upgrade to the latest version of Acrobat or download the latest free Reader and use that to view the file.

If you're the one creating the PDFs and don't want your users to see this message, open the PDF in Acrobat 6, choose File, Reduce File Size and next to "Compatible with:" choose the oldest version of Acrobat/Reader you wish to support. Click OK, then re-save the file under a new name once the file size reduction process completes.

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