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Telephone spam

FTC accepts signups for their new (2003) national Do Not Call list at

Or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone whose number you want to add to the Do Not Call list.

Email Spam. What to do about it. Some links:
Mindspring's Antipspam page

From Earthlink's automated response to spam complaints:

It is unfortunately easy to forge a domain name in a return address. If you are reporting a junk e-mail based solely on the return address, please take a moment to review the
following links:

To learn how to report spam so action is taken

To learn how to interpret e-mail headers

To investigate the owners of a numeric IP address

To investigate the owners of a domain name

Other useful lookup tools:

Sam Spade

From friend Jim Dornbos:

Sorry I don't get to this computer very often to visit CIS anymore - but lately I've
been using first pass on my mail with mailwasher (, iirc) to bounce, but
not delete my spam. Next step is uses my subscription to spamcop.... don't recall if
it's .net, .com or .org (they have a free trial available for a week's use, or so).

Julian at spamcop has developed auotmated program that you forward your spam to. The
program processes the headers, checking IP's, verifying who owns what addresses given
in the spam, then when it's all done, presents you with a list of valid addresses to
foward the spam to - which it will do for you (hiding your email address) at the click
of a button.

Pretty slick to watch the technical details it spits out - and is a worthwhile
education in mail headers even if you don't end up subscribing.