NavCIS and DSL

DSL, cable, modems, etc.
Cincinnati & its Sister City, Gifu

I've had DSL for quite some time but for some reason it never struck me that NavCIS might be able to use the fast DSL connection instead of using the dialup access I'd always used.

Then it did. Strike me, that is. So I decided to have a play.

First off, NavCIS lets you create and save multiple configurations and switch between them at will, so I didn't have to risk messing up my existing dialup settings.

Here's what I did:

Start NavCIS
Choose Configuration, Session Settings to get the Setup Session Settings dialog box.
Click New and give the new set of settings a name. Internet, I called it. Imaginative.
NavCIS copies all the info from the previous configuration into the new setup, including password and modem settings. Leave all of them as is. It'll ignore the modem stuff and you'll want it to keep the Name, ID, etc.
Choose WINSOCK from the Connector dropdown listbox.
Click LAN and enter in the Host Name text box.
Left Host IP Address blank, accepted the default Connect Timeout.
When I click OK, it just beeps at me; doesn't dismiss the dialog box.
But if I click OK then Cancel, my settings are saved, so no worries.
Back in the Session Settings dialog, click OK again to dismiss the dialog.

That's all there was to it.
Now when I use any of the commands on the Online menu, it flies.