Know your numbers

Social Security Number

Blood pressure: 120/80 mm Hg
Anything over 140/90 is considered high, putting you at more risk for heart or kidney disease and stroke.

Total cholesterol: Under 200 mg/dl
LDL (low density lipoproteins) Less than 100 mg/dl
HDL (high density lipoproteins): 60 mg/dl or more
Triglycerides: Under 150 mg/dl

Body Mass Index (BMI) Safe range: 19 - 24

(Weight in Pounds / Height in Inches * Height in Inches) * 704.5

That's 704.5 times Weight divided by Height squared

BMI over 24 increases risk of heart attack, colon cancer and diabetes.
BMI over 30 is obese

Waist Size: 35" for women, 40" for men
Carrying fat around middle raises risk of heart disease, especially if your waist size is greater than above numbers.

Heart Rate: 60-75 beats/minute at rest, 95-145 beats/minute during exercise
Resting rate: take pulse in AM before getting up.
Exercising rate: take pulse midway through workout.
Target rate range during exercise: 220 minus your age times .55 (for low range) and times .85 (high range).

Above info summarized from an article by Sue Woodman in My Generation magazine, March-April 2002 issue.

There's a lot more heart health related info at American Heart Association