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A list posted by Andrew Bokelman on a forum:

During my recent problems with spybot.gen, there were a few places and tools I
found very helpful.

1. This place attempts to list every possible program that could be launching from a startup spot, and explain what it is. Right now they have 3006 files listed.

2. My AV software could not ID the file, but this place could:

3. This program is the one that let me know something serious was going on. It's a registry monitor

And here is another one that is more business-like

4. HighjackThis provides a list of startup spots and more

5. The program Starter is a combination process explorer and startup manager. I used this to clean up part of the mess. It also alerted me that a share was open when I saw the hand icon in the process list.

And I also want to highlight the one website that has always been very helpful to me. I've also received help from their forums.

Is it live or is it just more Internet-inspired BS?
Check here to see if the latest "Forward this to everybody on your email list" email is true (oh, SO unlikely) or more trashbin stuffing.