Society for the Preservation of Lost Positives

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From a quote of a newsgroup post which quoted another newsgroup post, itself possibly a quote of other such posts. The origin is as hazy as the original poster's idea of the precise concept of a lost positive. Tithesis indeed.

"The Society for the Preservation of Tithesis commends your ebriated and scrutable use of delible and defatigable, which are gainly, sipid and couth. We are gruntled and consolate that you have the ertia and eptitude to choose such putably pensible tithesis, which we parage."

To which we'd like to add:


Have some of your own? Your tributions are vited.

And in a related story, or
Could you please repeat that? We weren't listening when first you peated.

How can there be a word for something done the second, third, ..., nth time when there's no word for the original act?

How can an event recur when it was never allowed to cur in the first place? We've queried the experts on this but they remain calcitrant, fusing to late further details or even to mark on the subject.