Compuserve Forum Changes

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The Publishing Production forum (aka PUBPOD) is being moved to a new server and format. This may occur as early as the week of July 19. We would hate to lose you, so want to explain how to access us in our new format.

The easiest way is to set up web access for this forum now (if you have not already done so).

Use this URL:

This address poses problems for some old-timers. It remembers obsolete cookies and virtual key.
You may want to delete any cookies having to do with Compuserve and try again.

Once you are able to access the forum via the web, you will be swept automatically to the new forum when the transition occurs.

We're trying very hard to keep our "family" together. We will keep trying to find better modes of communication, but we'd be very sad to lose people merely because of a format change. Please bear with us. Thanks!