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This from our friend Rick Altman of CorelWorld and PPTLive fame:

"... there is nothing anywhere across the site that would look like an email address to the address-harvesting robots when they come looking for spam fuel. All email addresses are cloaked within a simple JavaScript routine."

A few hundred of you wanted to see that code, so here it is...

<script language="JavaScript">
< !--
emailname = "[name]"
emailserver = "[domain.com]"
document.write("<a href='mailto:" +
emailname + "@" + emailserver +"'>");
document.write(emailname + "@" + emailserver);
< /script>

Place this snippet of code directly into your HTML copy, at the point where you want the email link. If your email address is snoopy@doghouse.com, then you would replace [name] with snoopy and [domain.com] with doghouse.com. The next line of code takes the two variables and creates the proper email link, by combining them with the " mailto" statement and the "@" sign. The next line is where you decide what the link should say. If you want it to display "Send me email -- woof!" you would just place that in quotes between the parenthesis. The way it is scripted above, the link will merely display the email address itself. No matter what you set for the display, the email address will never show itself to spam harvesters.
Improved version that displays an image of your email address for users with Javascript disabled.

<script type="text/javascript">
emailE=('mail' + '@' + emailE)
document.write('<A href="mailto:' + emailE + '">Email Us</a>')

<img src='images/email2.png' title='JavaScript required for active email link' width="148" height="18" border="0">

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