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About Gifu Sister City Committee

About GSCC


Gifu Sister City Committee (GSCC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, advancing, and communicating information about Gifu City and Cincinnati, their culture, sports, art, economic activities, and promoting a deeper understanding and relationship between the two cities.

Gifu and Cincinnati became sister cities in May, 1988. Gifu City donated 100 sakura (cherry) trees to Eden Park in 1990, and another 110 cherry trees to Eden Park, Ault Park and Northern Kentucky University in 1998.

After a few years of relative inactivity, GSCC was re-established in June, 2008, under Cincinnati USA Sister City Association to maintain and grow the relationship between the two cities. We gratefully acknowledge the help of the City of Cincinnati in encouraging the rebirth of GSCC.


GSCC is one of several Sister City committees that make up Cincinnati USA Sister City Association.

Executive Committee
Chair: Steve Rindsberg
Vice-Chair: Motoi Nishihata
Secretary: Shoko Konuma
Treasurer: Steve Rindsberg

Gifu Sister City Committee By-Laws

You may view or download the GSCC Bylaws (GSCC_Bylaws.pdf, Acrobat PDF format) here.



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