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PowerPoint found an error that it can't correct

If you get this error when quitting PowerPoint (or the other Office apps) and you also have Acrobat 5 and Norton AntiVirus 2002 installed, read this article in our PS PDF FAQ which describes how to solve the problem by either disabling the PDFMaker macros in your Office apps, or making sure that NAV doesn't interfere with them.

If you'd prefer to keep the extra level of NAV protection instead of the Acrobat add-ins for Office, read Microsoft KB article Q302596

Short version: locate the PDFMaker macro file for the app in question and rename it so it no longer loads.

If you see this message when you try to edit the text in a text box or change fonts, you probably don't have a default printer driver set or your default printer driver is unavailable.

Install a printer driver if you don't have any currently installed.

It should be a normal printer driver, preferably off the Windows CD. An HP LaserJet III driver or a PostScript printer like the Apple LaserWriter are both good, stock choices. Don't choose fax or generic text drivers.

Set the printer driver as the default printer.

If you already have a printer driver installed and set as default, verify that it's connected locally (ie, to a port on your computer) rather than via the network. If it's a network printer, verify that it's on, properly connected and that the server it runs from is up and running correctly. Even if you rely on network printers exclusively, it's best to install a local driver as described above, if only for diagnostic purposes.

If PowerPoint seems to load, displays the splash screen, then gives you the "found an error it can't correct" message as it's displaying its workspace try the suggestions in this MS Knowledgebase article.

If you're running PowerPoint 97 under Windows 2000 and see this message when starting PowerPoint, see Error Messages When Editing, Running, or Recording VBA Macros in Office 97 Application on Windows 2000

If you get this message while working on a particular slide or when exporting a slide as an image or when exporting a slide to HTML, it may be due to a corrupt shapes or shapes on the slide. Here are some suggestions for cleaning up shape corruption or locating and deleting the corrupt shape(s) so you can re-create them.

Start by "roundtripping" the presentation to HTML and back (PowerPoint 2000 and higher only). If it goes to completion, that may be all you need to do. Here's how:

HTML "Round-tripping" to repair corruption

If it doesn't work (ie, PPT crashes during the save to HTML), look at the files PowerPoint created to get an idea how far it got. There will be a series of numbered HTML files, one per slide. Chances are that your corrupted shape is on the last slide PowerPoint converted or the one following it.

Go to the slide in question. Select each shape in turn and choose Edit, Copy. Then Edit, Paste. If Edit, Paste is grayed out or if Pasting does nothing, you've found a baddie. Delete it or try ungrouping and regrouping it. If there are any charts or other objects from other applications, look at them first, since they're the most likely to be corrupt.

If that doesn't lead you to the bad boy, you'll need to divide and conquer:

Working on copies of the slide in question, delete half the shapes, then try whatever it was that caused the crash. If you can't cause it again, go to another copy of the slide and delete the other half of the shapes and try to make it crash as before. Keep cutting the number of shapes in half on subsequent tries until you narrow it down to The Evil One.

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PowerPoint found an error that it can't correct
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