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Control the formatting of hyperlinked text

When you add a hyperlink to text in PowerPoint, you'll notice that PowerPoint reformats the text in several ways:

If you view your presentation as a slide show and click one of these links, then return to the slide, you'll notice that the color of "visited" links has also changed. Suppose you don't want PowerPoint to reformat your text this way? You have several options.

Don't hyperlink to text

Use text in an AutoShape rather than plain text, and apply your hyperlink to the AutoShape instead of to the text

But what if you're stuck using hyperlinks in regular old text blocks? Read on ...

Changing the link colors

You can change the colors PowerPoint automatically assigns to links and visited links if you like.


The rest of this involves working with PowerPoint's color schemes. While you can get through what needs to be done with just these instructions, do yourself a favor: Pay a visit to PowerPoint MVP Echo Swinford's Color Schemes Tutorial first. It'll help you understand what the rest of this is all about. Go on. Scoot! We'll wait right here 'til you get back.

In PowerPoint 2007:

The color scheme now shows up on Design tab | Colors in the Custom section. If you need to edit it further, right-click the scheme and choose Edit.

Apply the scheme to your slides by right-clicking the color scheme in Design tab | Colors and choosing Apply to All Slides or Apply to Selected Slides.

In PowerPoint 2002 and 2003:

A workaround: Note that when you edit a color scheme, it creates a new scheme in the task pane. If you want to apply a scheme to only a few slides, do it as above, then reapply the original color scheme to the slides you didn't want to change. Or better yet, just create a new master for the slides with the links and apply that. Echo ... you remember Echo, right? ... did this tutorial on creating multiple templates and using them to apply special color schemes to individual slides

Note: Changing the "Accent and hyperlink" color changes both hyperlinks AND the color of any shapes that you've assigned the scheme's second Accent color to. Likewise, changing "Accent and followed hyperlink" changes the color of followed hyperlinks AND colors with the third Accent color. If you don't want your other shapes to change color when you change link colors, assign the shapes colors from the More Fill Colors selections, not Scheme colors.

In PowerPoint 97 and 2000:

Underlines on hyperlinked text

Unfortunately, you can't get rid of the underline that PowerPoint automatically applies to hyperlinked text, but there's a workaround:

The rectangle, even though invisible, will still trigger the hyperlink when you click it during a slide show (except in PowerPoint Viewer 2003, where as of November 2003, a bug prevents invisible objects from triggering hyperlinks.)

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Control the formatting of hyperlinked text
Last update 07 June, 2011