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A tribute to Sonia Coleman

Sonia Coleman, PowerPoint MVP, passed away on July 15, 2006.

We've dedicated this page to her memory and to the PowerPoint community's memories of her.

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A Tribute to Sonia Coleman

Steve Rindsberg, Echo Swinford.
Cincinnati, OH & Indianapolis, IN USA.

This is the announcement that appeared in the PowerPoint Newsgroup, where we met Sonia:

We're saddened to tell you all that we've lost one of our best. Sonia Coleman, our Lady in Red, passed away on Saturday, July 15. She'd almost won a long, brave battle with cancer when side effects from the therapy and other problems unexpectedly took her away peacefully, in her sleep.

Sonia first came to the PowerPoint newsgroup to learn how to make AutoRun CDs. There wasn't much good information available, but she wasn't one to give up easily. She worked out all the details herself and published them so others could benefit. And then stuck around, kept helping PowerPoint newsgroup visitors with all aspects of PowerPoint. And was made a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP in recognition of the huge contributions she made here.

If you're one of the thousands of people Sonia helped and would like to offer a tribute to her memory, visit the PowerPoint newsgroup and tell them how you met Sonia and what you remember best about her.

We'll make sure that her family sees it. Thank you in advance for helping.

And thank you for being part of this very special community that brought Sonia here.

[On behalf of the PowerPoint MVP Team]

Ute Simon.
Bad Nauheim, Germany.

We live in an international world. And thus I am happy to have found friends around the world through the internet and especially through Microsofts MVP program. Sonia was one of those friends, though I never met her in person. It's a great loss for me to learn about her passing away.

I deeply feel with her relatives and friends. I would like to donate a sum for cancer research in rememberance of Sonia. But as the banks charge high fees for international transfers, I will make this donation to the German cancer society ("Deutsche Krebshilfe").

Jan Ilacqua.
Warrenton, VA 20186.

Please accept my sincerest condolences to Sonia's friends and family. I am stunned to hear of her sudden passing, as I was unaware she had been so ill.

I met Sonia on the PowerPoint newsgroup in early 2000, as part of the wonderful group of MVPs who help there. Her sense of humor and in-depth knowledge of the programs were a great asset to the group, and me personally.

I had the great pleasure of Sonia in person at the first PowerPoint Live conference in Tucson, AZ in October 2003, and we hit it off very well. She was a very sweet and giving person, and I will miss her. I have saved many of her solutions and helpful instructions over the years as references, and now they are treasures. Jan :) MS MVP

Dian Chapman.
Chicago, IL.

I was quite heartbroken to hear about this. I hadn't chatted with Sonia for some time and didn't know she'd been in this battle. Sincerely condolences to her fellow MVP PPTers and her family/friends. Dian ~

John Marshal.
Western Canada.

Not the kind of news I like to hear. She definitely will be missed. John... Visio MVP

Chris Hassler.
Idaho, USA.

Losing a fellow MVP, and a good person, is never easy. Condolences to her family and friends. May her legacy of helping others live on. -- Chris H. Microsoft Windows MVP/Tablet PC

Niko Suni.
Lahti, Finland.

I'd like to offer my deepest condolences. She will be missed among us MS MVP:s.

Sean O'Driscoll.
Redmond, WA USA.

I have the good fortune and challenge of meeting 1000s of people in my work all around the world. I think it's notable that I so clearly remember when I met Sonia.

A good spirit, a genuinely nice person and truly generous of her time. I imagine most who met and or were helped by Sonia had the same experience of remembering her as I do. I know she will be missed and I'm proud to have met her. Sean

Abraham Valencia.
Lima, Peru.

Mis mas sentidas condolencias a todos los familiares y amigos de Sonia. Abraham
[ My most heartfelt condolences to all of Sonia's family and friends]

Sandy Johnson.
Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. We will miss Sonia greatly. With Deepest Sympathy, Sandy Johnson

Susan Ramlet.
Twin Cities, MN, USA.

I met Sonia at the Microsoft MVP summit, and she was a delightful and engaging person. I'm so shocked and sorry to hear about her death. She will be missed by many.

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A tribute to Sonia Coleman
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