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HTML RoundTripping and HTML Output from PowerPoint 2010

Sometimes corrupt objects or slides in PPT files can cause the presentation to misbehave. Strange as it may seem, exporting the presentation to HTML and reimporting it can correct some corruptiong problems.

Roundtrip to HTML, including font replacement of double-byte fonts is a new feature in the free Starter Set.

Hold down the Ctrl key while you click the ? icon on the StarterSet toolbar; this saves your presentation out as HTML and re-opens it.

If you want to retain the HTML files

Normally, StarterSet deletes its temporary HTML files after it has re-opened your round-tripped presentation. If you have PowerPoint 2010 or later, you can no longer save presentations as Web pages, but you can have StarterSet preserve its temporary HTML files instead, giving you pretty much the same results as you'd get from Save As Web Page in earlier versions of PowerPoint.

To do this, add the following section to your PPTools.INI file:


Save the PPTools.INI file. Now when you "round-trip", StarterSet won't delete the HTML files. Look in your TEMP folder for:

Copy these anywhere you like; just make sure that the htm file and the folder of support files end up in the same folder.

Get rid of Far East/Asian fonts

You can also use "round-tripping" to replace Asian/double-byte fonts or Arial Unicode MS with standard fonts in your presentation in some cases.

To do this, add the following section to your PPTools.INI file:

Font2=MS Mincho|Arial
Font3=Tahoma|Times New Roman

Count must match the number of search/replace pairs below.

Each pair must have a unique, sequential "FontX" where X is the sequential number. For example, if you want to add a fourth font above, you'd change "Count=3" to "Count=4" and add a new Font4=xxx|yyy line.

Each pair consists of: Name of font to be replaced|Name of font to replace it with (two font names separated by a vertical bar or "pipe" character)

This doesn't always work perfectly. We're looking at ways of making it more thorough. Stay tuned.

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