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The Settings dialog box is where you set your preferences for what your FAQ pages look like, where they're stored and where Friday should put them on your web server when you upload the FAQ.

You'll want to enter at least a few basic settings before you start work on your FAQ. You can modify these settings and add more information at any time.

Choose FAQ, Settings from the menu bar (or press Ctrl+S) to see the Settings dialog box.

FAQ Title
Text you type here becomes the Title of your FAQ site. It appears in the title bar of your browser when you view the main FAQ page.

For example, this FAQ's Site Title is "Friday 101"
(HTML coders: this becomes the text inside the <TITLE> </TITLE> tag)

Text you type here becomes the heading at the top of your Main FAQ page.
For example, this FAQ's Heading is "A Friday Tutorial"

Note: you don't see either the Title or Heading on this answer page because our answer page template uses the question as both the title and heading on answer pages. For example, this page's title is "Check your Settings"

Home URL
Normally, this should be the complete URL to your home page.
Enter the complete URL -- the full deal.

Friday's templates automatically create links to this URL. If you're using Friday to generate pages for a larger site, you might prefer to have these links point to some other page, probably the page that users will access your FAQ from. That's no problem. Put any URL you like here.

And of course, you don't have to have any of this stuff on your FAQ pages if you don't want it. Edit the templates and the world is your oyster.

Link text
Enter the text you want your site visitors to see wherever Friday generates a link to the Homepage URL mentioned above.

Main FAQ File

By default, Friday creates the Main FAQ page in a file called index.html but if your Webmaster wants you to use a different default name, enter it here.

In general:

In folder:
Friday created an \HTML folder inside the folder you chose when you created your FAQ. Friday places all of the web pages it generates into this folder. You can choose a different folder if you like. Click Change to choose a different folder.

Note: If you change the HTML folder, it's a good idea to choose Templates, Choose Templates and re-apply the template you chose earlier for your FAQ. This ensures that all needed files are copied to the new HTML folder.

When you upload your FAQ to your web site, Friday uploads files from this folder.

Appearance settings

Main FAQ page b/g image & Answer pages b/g image
You can use GIF or JPG images as backgrounds for your FAQ pages. The Main FAQ page and the Answer pages can have different backgrounds. Buttons for each let you choose the images you want.

Friday automatically copies the images to your \HTML folder. Again, if you change to a different HTML folder, you should re-select your background images to ensure that they're copied to the new HTML folder.

Font & Size
Type the name of the font you'd like to use for your pages and choose a font size.
Friday doesn't validate the font name. If it's mis-typed or if you specify a font that isn't in common use, visitors to your site will see your FAQ pages in their default font.
You may prefer to respect the default font choice of your site visitors. If so, simply leave the Font text box blank.

Upload HTML to:

Friday can automatically upload your FAQ site to your web server for you via the FTP protocol. In order to do this, it needs some basic info about your web site.

FTP site
The domain name part of your FTP site. For example, we'd enter (not

User & Password
Your user name and password for the web hosting account where you'll upload your FAQ HTML files. Ie, your web site. Note: Friday stores this information in the FRIDAY.FQA file in the folder you created for your FAQ, but the password is encrypted.

The folder on your web site where you want to store the HTML files for your FAQ.

Save & Cancel
Click Save to save any changes you've made in the Settings dialog box.
Click Cancel to discard any changes you've made.

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