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If you need to find something you've already added to your FAQ, click the Find button or press Alt+I to open Friday's Find dialog box.

You can search for text in either the Questions or the Answers that make up your FAQ, or you can search for a FAQ by number. Click the appropriate "radio button" for the option you'd like, enter the text or FAQ number to search for, then click Search.

Friday tells you how many "hits" it found, highlights the first one on the FAQ list.

Click Next or Previous to select each "hit" in turn.

If you're in a hurry to find a specific FAQ by number, just type the number into the search box and press Enter. Friday detects that it's a number and finds it immediately.

Note that searching Answers takes longer than searching Questions (since there's a lot more text to search). The larger your FAQ, the longer searches can take. Be patient.

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