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If you're new to Friday, you're probably anxious to try it out right away.

Take a moment to read through the "Let's Get Started" section of this tutorial first. In just a few minutes it'll help you get your first FAQ up and running.

Note that you don't have to keep returning to the Main page to go to the next section in the tutorial. You can click the Next or Previous links above to move to the next and previous pages respectively.

You may want to keep the tutorial open in your web browser while you follow along in Friday. Create your own FAQ, add some questions and answers. Use Friday's formatting and editing features to pretty up and organize your FAQ.

Later, come back and learn about Friday's more advanced features. You may not need them right away, but sooner or later you'll find them useful.

And finally, remember that you can come back here any time you like; just click the Help button in Friday.

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