Can I give my FAQ HTML pages meaningful names?

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Search engines may place pages with file names that include keywords higher than pages with names like FAQ00193.htm as Friday generates.

For example, if someone searches for "new bananas", a web page whose file name is new_bananas.htm will probably appear higher on the results than FAQ00123.htm.

While there's no automatic way of doing this in Friday, you can create more meaningful filenames manually.

First, create the FAQ and save it. For example, title the page "All about new bananas".

When you do this, Friday creates a new FAQ1234.TXT file (using the next higher number from the previously created FAQ) in the \FAQ subdirectory of your FAQ. It also adds a line like this to the end of the FRIDAY.TXT file in the \FAQ subdirectory:

All about new bananas

Open FRIDAY.TXT in Notepad, change FAQ1234 to FAQnew_bananas. Save and close the file.

Now rename FAQ1234.TXT to FAQnew_bananas.TXT

It's important to leave the "FAQ" part there or else links from one FAQ page on your site to another will break. Even though the file name starts with FAQ, it'll still contain the "keywords" you want, so Google and other search engines should reward it with higher placement.

Filename: FAQ00182.htm
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