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Slow printing

Compliments of Rainer Strehlow:

There have been complaints that after upgrading to Acrobat 5, printing from Ventura may become extremely slow.

After testing, I can confirm that my first print to Acro5, a relatively stupid 50-page document, has taken more than an hour. Absolutely crazy!

But the culprit is NOT the new printer driver. Actually it is the printer object created by the Acrobat installer.

To solve the problem, this is what to do:

1. Insert the Acrobat CD and go to [CD-drive]:\English\Utilities\Drivers\WinInstaller 1.0.4 and run Setup.exe.

2. Select the PDF Port, if you like (for my own part I select FILE and run Distiller manually, but that stems from CVP 4.2 times when this was the only way to print an entire publication).

3. When you come to the point of selecting a printer only Generic Postscript Printer will be displayed. You can a select a drive and a directory, though, in order to search for PPD-files.

4. Go to the directory where Acrobat was installed, usually c:\programs\adobe\acrobat 5.0, proceed to the subfolder \distillr\xtras. Select Adobe Acrobat 5, which will invoke adist5.ppd.

5. Somewhere in the installation process you will be asked for the printer object name, call it whatever you want, in order to distinguish it from the one already installed. I called it Acrobat5PPD.

6. Finish the installation.

The PS driver will still be the same, but a different PPD will be installed in tandem with it. You will spot the difference when you hit the "Properties"-button in Ventura's print dialog. Obviously, the Acrobat installer does NOT use the Acrobat 5-PPD, but something different, which is somewhat incompatible with Ventura 8.

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