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Copying graphics in PDFs

It's quite simple to copy graphics from one PDF page to another or even between PDFs.
Here's how. We'll use Acrobat's own PDF documentation as an example.

  • Start Acrobat 5.
  • Click Help, Acrobat Help.
  • On the toolbar with the movie frames, chainlinks, squigglyarrow, etc, notice that the last button on the right has a downward pointing triangle. Click this to open up several more choices; pick the TouchUp Object Tool. (Next to which I see it just says T, meaning that I could have just told you to press T and saved a yard and a half of typing. Sigh. But this is how you learn, grasshopper. Note the other keyboard shortcuts, then we'll move on.)
  • Click the graphic to select it. If it's composed of multiple elements, or if you want to copy multiple items at once, you can marquee select them or Shift+Click to select multiple objects one at a time.
  • Press Ctrl+C or choose Edit, Copy or right-click and pick copy.
  • Now go to another page in the same PDF or open another PDF, go to where you want to insert the graphic you just copied and choose Edit, Paste, press Ctrl+V or rightclick and choose Paste to paste the graphic. Sometimes the Edit/Paste option isn't enabled for some reason, but the other options should work.

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