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January, 2006:
New layout for the PPTools site. Thank you, Echo!

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How do I use PPTools?

How to install PPTools and demos

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How to register PPTools

Visit the Download and Purchase PPTools and Demos page to download free demos of each of the PPTools. On the same page, there's a Purchase link you can click to visit a secure site where you can purchase the PPTools of your choice.

You can also click the ? (Help) icon on the PPTool toolbar you want to purchase, then click the "Purchase" button.

Once you complete the purchase, Share-It emails you a user name and registration number (or "key") which you'll use to unlock the demo (that is, turn it into the full registered version). Here's how:

Note: The only thing you'll receive from Share-It is a registration number. You don't need to wait for a physical product shipment this way - your demo becomes the full version as soon as you enter the registration information following the steps above.

Enjoy, and thanks for purchasing PPTools!