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Why do I have to change PowerPoint's macro security settings?

All of the PPTools are PowerPoint add-ins, software or "macros" written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) that run inside of PowerPoint. In effect, once they're installed, they become part of PowerPoint.

PowerPoint has several levels of macro security, which can help protect your computer from malicious code in PowerPoint presentations and add-ins. You can check the current setting on your PC if you like. In PowerPoint 2000 or later, choose Tools, Macro, Security to see the Security dialog box. The dialog box does a pretty good job of explaining what each setting means.

If macro security is set to High, PowerPoint disables all VBA/macro code, including PPTools.

You need to set it to Medium or Low temporarily before installing any PPTools. Once you've done the installation, restart PowerPoint and make sure that the new PPTool is working properly.

Then, choose Tools, Macro, Security once again. Click the Trusted Sources tab. Put a checkmark next to "Trust all installed add-ins ..." Then you can change your security level back to whatever makes you comfortable. We recommend Medium or High.

By doing this, you tell PowerPoint "Keep protecting me against macros I don't know about, but let me run the ones I've deliberately installed; don't ask for permission, just let them run."

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