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After uninstalling, the PPTools menu and toolbars are still there

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My registration number doesn't work

To "unlock" a demo and convert it to a registered version of PPTools, you must first purchase a registration number. Visit our Purchase PPTools page. After completing the purchase, you'll receive a user name and registration number (sometimes called a "registration key") by email.

Once you receive your registration number and user name, follow the instructions at How to register PPTools

If that doesn't convert your PPTool from a demo to a full-fledged version, it may be a problem with user permissions. PPTools needs to write a few entries to your registry to record your registration number. If it can't do this, it won't be able to convert your software into a registered version. Please contact us for suggestions on solving the problem.

If you can't get the registration dialog box to appear
You may have a very old version of the demo PPTool. Click PPTools on the menu bar and look at the names of the PPTools listed on the menu that appears.

If any of them include "Demo" in the name, they're out of date and can't be registered. You'll need to uninstall your PPTools (it's best to uninstall them all) using the instructions at How to uninstall ALL PPTools.

Then download the latest version(s) at the Download PPTools page. Install the newly downloaded software. Once you do that, the normal registration procedure should work perfectly.

If you registered a PPTool prior to March 2002, your registration number begins with "PPTOOLS" and it won't work with later updates. Updates are free, but you'll need a new-style number to register them, so please contact us to request a new registration number. Please mention your current registration number and the name under which you registered your PPTools software originally.

There is no charge for this service.

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