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For each new FAQ, Friday creates and maintains a FRIDAY.FQA file in the FAQ folder.

FRIDAY.FQA is a standard Windows INI-formatted file that contains most of the options you choose in Settings, plus other information it needs to remember about you FAQ.

Here's a sample FRIDAY.FQA file with annotations that explain what each entry means/ does. Each entry is shown as the default or recommended setting with the options shown afterward.

The listing isn't complete; a real FRIDAY.FQA file will contain more information than what's shown here.
If you don't see it here, it means that you shouldn't edit it
And in fact, if you're not accustomed to editing INI files, we don't recommend that you edit FRIDAY.FQA at all.

; Font/FontSize Friday should use in its editor (font size in POINTS, font name must be correct)

; YES/NO - Remember last-used position/size of dialogs/editors or not

; 1/0 - If 1, delete answer html and txt files when deleting question 

; 1/0 -  If 1, Editor shows only Save button; if 0, Editor has both Save and Done buttons

; 1/0 - If 1, enables ability to edit FRIDAY.FQA file from FAQ menu, enables certain other features
; Enables editing multiple FAQs at once, but WE DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS
; other than when you simply need to copy/paste from one FAQ to another
' If you have much text to copy, use File, Consolidate FAQ to Text File instead.

; 1/0 - If 1, automatically generate named locations from headings on main index page
; Required for certain other features (links from Table of Contents, for example) to work

; If present, Friday replaces spaces in generated filenames and links to same with the specified text
; (an underscore as shown here)

; 1/0 - If 1, default to putting newly entered FAQ questions on hold

; 1/0 - If 1, Friday makes FAQList.HTM file and FAQList.TXT files when you generate HTML
; These contain the questions and links to answers in your FAQ.  

; If LinkFileName is supplied, Friday uses it instead of FAQList for names of above link list files

; question/answer - Put text cursor in Question or Answer text box when opening answer in editor

; 1/0 or blank
; If set to 1, Friday dumps logging info to FRIDAY.LOG in same folder as FRIDAY.FQA

; 1/0 - If 1, don't delete the upload script after uploading HTML to your site.
; Leave set to 0 for security reasons
; Only relevant if you don't have MSIE installed

; 1/0 - If 1, display message box showing External command line before executing it
; If set to 1, Friday displays the command line and command parameters before executing external
; commands from Advanced Settings

TimeFormat=Long Time
DateFormat=Long Date
; Choose the formatting you want Friday to apply to time and date placeholders

; This entry is normally not present or set to zero
; If non-zero, sets the maximum length of text Friday uses in Previous/Next links etc.
; Friday truncates the results of the previousquestion and nextquestion placeholders to the length specified

; enables spellcheck button in editor
; spellcheck requires Word installed, may not behave the same w/ all Word versions
; VERY much a beta feature and will probably remain so;  use at your own risk

; sets the default spell check language
; xxx is one of these values:
;wdEnglishUS = 1033  and is the default if none set
;wdEnglishUK = 2057
;wdEnglishCanadian = 4105
;wdEnglishAUS = 3081
;wdDutch = 1043
;wdFrench = 1036
;wdGerman = 1031
;This actually just passes the value to Word, which actually does the spell check.
;If your installed copy of Word doesn't have the requested language installed, it won't work.

LastDate=1/4/2004 11:11:16 AM
; Date HTML last generated for entire FAQ
; If the date of a question's TXT file is later than this
; Friday replaces :NEWTEXT: with value found in NewText= 
; Handy for adding things like "Last edited on [date]"

LastUploadDate=12/10/2003 5:58:14 PM
; Last uploaded date; if html/image/other file create date is older than this, 
; Friday doesn't upload it;  It assumes it's already been uploaded
; NOTE: Friday "touches" each file after it's uploaded to make sure that the file's date
; is the same as the date it was last uploaded

; If YES, Friday beeps instead of displaying a message box
; to notify you of certain things (some action being completed, for example)
; If NO, blank or anything but YES, Friday displays a message box

; Most of the settings here come from the Settings Dialog - use that to change them.
; These are the settings that you can only change by editing the FQA file:

CSSFile=[full path to a file]
; the file specified here is opened in Notepad (by default) when you choose
; Templates, Edit CSS from menu

CSSEditor="C:\Program Files\Bradbury\TopStyle3\TopStyle3.exe"
; if a file is specified here, Friday calls it with the name of the CSSFile as a command line parameter
; when you choose Templates, Edit CSS
; (instead of launching the CSS file in Notepad)

AHREFBefore=<a target="_new" href="
; These three work together to control how Friday formats links you add using the editor's
; insert link feature or the ALT+2 feature to convert two-line link descriptions to links
; This isn't present by default;  the example above makes sure that each new link will be viewed
; in a new window

; When you Ctrl+Click a question, Friday puts the question and the link to the answer
; on the clipboard
; In order for the link to point to the right web URL, you must supply a URLPrefix

; Provides the list of possible extensions for answer files

; Lists file types to upload; see elsewhere for fuller explanation

; 1/0 - If 1, Friday deletes all of these file types from the server before uploading new files
; Dangerous if you accidentally specify the wrong folder in Settings, so defaults to 0
; This setting is ignored if you have MSIE installed

; 1/0 - If 1, Friday reminds you to make sure you have a live net connection before uploading

; If no path given, Friday assumes the file is in the \FAQ folder for the project
; If you supply a full path, Friday uses it

; You can create your own placeholders in addition to using Friday's
; See elsewhere for more detailed information
; Tells Friday how many placeholders to look for
Replacement1=<img src="97.gif" border="0">
Replacement2=Friday is simply the GREATEST thing since sliced bread!

; These are used to define commands that appear in the Advanced Settings dialog box
ButtonText=Edit CSS
; Text that appears on the button

; Command to execute when user clicks the button

; Parameters to append to the command line
; Friday will replace HTMLDir, FAQDir and ROOTDir with the actual path to the HTML folder, FAQ folder 
; or folder where the FRIDAY.FQA file appears

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