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Suppose you want to include icons or other graphics in your questions.

For example, your FAQ includes How-To tips for several products. Some of the tips only work with a particular product and you want to make that fact clear to anyone who reads the question.

Including an icon along with the question is a great way to make such distinctions visually (and immediately) clear to anyone who reads the FAQ.

To add a graphic to your question, copy the graphic image to your \HTML folder, then edit the question to look like this:

Here is my question text <img src="icon.gif"> and here's the icon

Or if you want to eliminate the border that the browser adds and force the image to a particular size as we've done here ...

Here is my question text <img src="icon.gif" height="16" border="0"> and here's the icon

Note that adding icons and other html to your questions this way can produce odd results in the Full FAQ, if you choose to make one. If you plan to make a Full FAQ, use user-defined placeholders to add icons and other HTML instead of manually entering it. See: Create your own placeholders

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