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On behalf of the Gifu Sister City Committee (GSCC), we invite you to join our community effort by becoming a sponsor.

As you may know, the GSCC is a non-profit organization, a member of Cincinnati USA Sister City Association, whose purpose is to promote and to develop relationships between Gifu, Japan and Cincinnati, USA.

Our focus in this year is on:

We re-established the GSCC on June 3, 2008. Our major achievements to date include:

A long-term goal is to develop student, internship, professional, sport, art, culture and other unique exchanges.

We are seeking companies and individuals who will help us achieve our goals by sponsoring GSCC activities.

There are three sponsorship levels

Title Sponsorship of GSCC includes:

Major Sponsorship of GSCC includes:

Sponsorship of GSCC includes:

If you feel that our efforts are more valuable than the suggested sponsorship amounts above, we heartily agree, and would be interested in discussing more substantial donations targeted toward specific activities.

Other sponsorship opportunities

We also have opportunities for contributing to our other activities, among them:

Sponsorship payment should be made by check, made out to "GSCC" and mailed to the GSCC Treasurer:

Steve Rindsberg
2324 Muriel Court
Cincinnati, OH 45219-1127

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the GSCC treasurer at the address above or email

Thank you.


The GSCC Executive Committee:
Steve Rindsberg, Chair
Motoi Nishihata, Vice Chair
Shoko Konuma, Secretary
Steve Rindsberg, Treasurer